Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who'da thought Wile E Coyote was based on fact...

I gave our Little Black Dog the last of the anti-inflamatory tablets today.

It's a task I've got quite good at, particularly compared with the early days when I gently placed them on the back of his tongue, held his mouth closed and madly stroked under his neck to get him to swallow.

Now it's a case of confidently slipping the tablet between two fingers, prising his jaws apart and shoving the thing down his gullet. I've found that it saves me from scrambling around picking up slobbery bits of pill from all over the place and having another go, hoping that I've found it all so that he's getting the correct dose.

These tablets have to be given with food. I prefer before food. Usually I have his full bowl with me and put it somewhere out of reach until he's had the pill.

Today I put the bowl down first. The LBD has been trained not to eat until given the magic word, so it would be fine.


Do you remember poor ol' Wile E Coyote chasing the Road Runner? That image of him in full flight - eyeballs turned to drumsticks, knife and fork out and ready, serviette tied round his neck, and drooling.

The drooling part seems to be correct.

How many times did I want to put my fingers in his mouth?

...Approximately None.


Givinya De Elba said...

That sounds truly disgusting. You are brave, and therefore my hero.

Crazy Sister said...

You know you're just opening yourself up to a stack of advice on how best to give tablets to dogs?

Let me start - bake the tablet into a pikelet.

DO NOT forget which pikelet.

Jen said...

Ok so I totally have the image in my head. Very funny.

Great to meet you. I loved you comment, I out to provide birth control :)
I love meeting new 'Jen' bloggers.