Saturday, March 21, 2009

A strained relationship with my Mum

I love my Mum.

We get on very well.

When we're together there is lots of nonsense and lots of laughter.

We enjoy that.

We convened a couple of times this week so that we could make up an outfit for me to wear to my cousin's wedding in a couple of weeks time (despite the fact I haven't yet made my 8 kg goal, but I need something to wear).

We could have done without Murphy's help. Definitely anything that could go wrong did and it's a good thing I know how to wield a quick-unpick. It's also a good thing that I didn't screw up the skirt pattern despite my mother's airy assurance that we'd finished with it. I had placed it in the top of the bin folded, which made it easier to retrieve it to cut stiffening for the top of the skirt yesterday.

We had a good time, and the skirt is finished save the hem. It is lovely to have a piece of clothing that fits. Most of my clothes are either too loose, or I'm not quite small enough just yet. The blouse is nearly ready for fitting.

But as soon as the blouse is ready it is necessary to exact retribution on my Mum.

After I thank her for her help, that is.

At one point I noticed that she was looking perplexed as she pinned the lining of the skirt to the zip. I made the mistake of asking why?

Apparently one usually just tacks the lining down around the zip, but she didn't want to that as this skirt has no waist band and is made out of a soft Swiss voile. She wanted the lining to "take the strain" rather than the fabric.

"Take the Strain?!?" I know I haven't been sucessful in getting to my next weightloss goal, but "take the Strain?!?"

The chance that after we finished laughing that I didn't say, "I'm so blogging that"?

... Approximately None


Femina said...

That's hilarious! Is this the fabric you blogged about a while ago?

Givinya De Elba said...

Take the strain! Ha ha! Well my dear, YOU are looking splendid, but in my case, there's a LOT of strain for any fabric to take up. So there's not much voile, and a whole heap of denim and stretchy stuff.

Swift Jan said...

OOh I cant wait to see pictures, I remember the fabric that you showed us ages ago :)

As for "take the strain"... pfftt

Hairline Fracture said...

Ha! One of those comments that might have been better left unsaid!

Wendy said...

Maybe a look at this documentary will help you feel better about strain! Another friend of mine blogged about a 16 yo having gastric surgery for the morbidly obese. :-)

Dee from Downunder said...

Practical, but funny