Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Whereabouts of Jen

I thank those who've noticed my status as "Missing in Action".  It's been busy.

I went to the women's retreat mentioned in my last post, and didn't finish my project.  So it's not yet worth photographing.  It is still unfinished because... well, you'll see...

It was the end of semester and I needed to finish an assignment

Then it was the Spring Fair at church, and although I'm not very involved it ate an otherwise free Saturday.

Then I was working extra time and days to help get the Yr 12 references out at work.

Then I spent the first week of the school holidays making a special project for our youngest niece's second birthday.  We made a Noah's Ark and it was beautiful but I just haven't had time to download the photos.

Then we dashed off on holidays for 2.5 weeks over Christmas/New Year.  We were still painting the ark, but it was a time to stop. Which was great.

Then I had about a week back at home before school started.  I culled about 4 lineal metres of books off the bookshelf and did some cleaning up around the house because it needed it.  I also prepared and delivered a church service.

Then I've been back at school and the beginning of the year has been a bit of a nightmare.  The week before last I managed to work 17.5 additional hours that will be paid, as well as still accruing some hours for Accrued Days Off over the next lot of school holidays.  Now at the end of week three, I could almost have my Easter holiday break and not go into the negative on my accrued hours. So much for a part time job. (which I am very grateful to have, but...)

I'm currently trying to get a service prepared for tomorrow, having done the emergency washing (it looks like rain) and mowed the front grass.  I also need to get groceries.

Then I start studying again at the beginning of March.

I miss you all, but really, how much have I felt like posting?