Monday, July 23, 2012

So...Not as interesting as I'd thought...

Not the holiday, the blog.

When I logged on to write the first of my scintillating blog posts about the holiday of a lifetime I was confronted by the unexpected issue that the whole of blogger was in Hebrew...  and laid out right-to-left.

I guesstimated which buttons to press to get to log-in, and did so, but when it hit me back with what appeared to be an error page, I was, quite frankly, flummoxed.

It didn't help three days later to receive an email from Google, patting themselves on the back that when a crazy, identity-stealing stalker in Israel tried to log into my account, they stopped her.

Thanks heaps, guys.

So the blog really wasn't as interesting as I was hoping.

If I get organised, I could give some late snippets from my travel diary.  But my proof-reading editing Nazi self won't let me post anything until I've edited it, and I'm back in Australia two weeks into semester, therefore two weeks behind where I need to be, so editing may not be high on my list of priorities right now.

So how much diary should you be expecting for the next little while?

BTW overseas trip was GREAT!  I should tell you all about it sometime...