Thursday, November 10, 2011


Sorry, can't help myself. The title is the NT Greek word that is pronounced "Thaumazo" and means, "I wonder at, marvel".

There are three bike-riding things that I am wondering at and are marvellous. In fact, I'm not certain which surprises me most:

1. I managed to ride my bike up the hill from home towards town. It was my nemesis during high school, and I wasn't going to even try this for a couple of weeks. But I managed to do it.

2. I remembered the combination on my bike lock. I've just passed 20 years since high school, and I can remember those particular three digits in order.

3. I have bones in my bottom. I didn't think they would come anywhere near contact with the bike seat, but they do. Wow.

And on a lighter note, a quiz: "Which Queen song is most appropriate for my new cycling phase?"

And the chance that I really want an answer to that?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bright, Shiny, New Bike

Well it WAS, back in 1988. When I got a new, light 10 speed bike to replace Mum's truly ancient one that I'd been riding.

It was shiny and blue and 10 speed and had a bag carrier on the back, and was exactly what I dreamed of.

I got it back from the bike shop today with two new tyres and tubes, new hand grips, a new back brake cable (sort of necessary, given the old one had snapped) and all greased and working well. Including a guarantee that the chain will not come off when I change between 5 & 6 gears as it used to when I was on my way to school.

It may not be as shiny. The chrome bits might have a tad of surface rust, and the seat might have a few tiny tears in the upholstery (and be much less comfortable than I remember), but hey, I can now proceed to get fit.

So I walked down to town, picked it up and rode it home.

And I did not die.

And the chance I expected to survive the trip home?