Monday, March 16, 2009

Listening with God's Ears

I went to the evening church service last night. It's very informal, set around the meal table in the church hall, and has an average attendance of about 12.

A man I shall call 'Len' comes to the service. He has an intellectual disability and enjoys the food and the company, and is very enthusiastic in helping set up and clean up.

Len loves hymn singing and often closes the book and sings whatever words he feels like to whatever tune he feels like. Very loudly and enthusiastically.

...which can make it difficult to stay on tune when we have such a small group, but we love his enthusiasm.

Last night we had a hymn that has a beautiful descant to it. I had done it in choir where we lived previously, so I decided to stand up despite the fact that we don't bother standing up to sing in the evening service (there was no way I had a hope of getting a high G without being on my feet - it's touch and go at the best of times for an alto).

So Len, always enthusiastic, got to his feet too. Good on him!

When we finished, the Minister thanked me for providing the harmony. Len was right there with the fact that he'd stood up to sing too.

And do you know what difference I think God would have heard in our contributions to the hymn?

... Approximately None.


Dee from Downunder said...

Good on Len. This sort of made me laugh, I could picture it, but we need enthusiastic people in the world.

and thanks for your eloquent comment on my ears post.... too funny, but accurate!

Swift Jan said...

We have an enthusiastic man in our church too.... aren't people like them wonderful!! THank God for the wonderful contrast of people in His kingdom :D

Jen said...

the ways that ppl praise God, it is truly amazing.

Givinya De Elba said...

Plass was saying in "Safe, Tender, Extreme" that where we spend life after death may have a bit to do with "who we know/associate with" and in God's "last shall be first" economy, he meant people like Len and the bloke Swift Jan mentioned from our church.

He was talking about having the heart to spend time with them and allow them into our lives a little.