Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things that go squeak in the night...

Our Little Black Dog is very cute. He spends a fair bit of time asleep in my office, and the funniest things happen when he's having a really good dream.
Now I know other people's dogs. When they dream their feet twitch a little bit.
The LBD on the other hand can look like he's having some kind of fit. Whole legs go wild, his ears and nose twitch, his mouth 'eats' things, his chest heaves and his eyes roll back and forth showing the whites as if there is some form of demon possession involved. There is obviously a plot to his story, because these things happen in a logical sequence. You can see him chasing something down, then having a drink to revive himself before he's off and running again.
Sometimes it gets even funnier when he has to bark at something in his dream.
I was sitting at my computer a few months ago and heard the cutest little squeaky wuff sound repeatedly coming from the prone, dreaming dog. You see, he doesn't open his mouth, but his vocal chords are producing noise. It is very, very cute and incredibly funny. Then, sometimes he has to growl at something. Can I just say it is not threatening at all - but again very cute and amusing.
It was not, however, at all cute last night. I've been struggling a little with a snuffly nose that I think is allergy related - there is something in the air at the moment, and anti-histamines are the only thing keeping me from suffocation at night. Add to that I'm not a heavy sleeper, so when my nose blocks or my sinuses get painful it wakes me up. So I'm down on both sleep quality and quantity.
Last night, TWICE last night, I woke up to a strange sound. It was a little squeaky wuff sound. It took me a while to place it the first time, once placed I realised it was not threatening. It was also not an awake LBD desperate to go outside to answer the call of nature. It was an entirely asleep, dreaming LBD. I also had an entirely asleep, undisturbed hubby. I wish I'd been asleep, dreaming and undisturbed.
What are the chances that the dog will continue to sleep in our bedroom once his leg is entirely healed (and the cold weather has broken)?
...Approximately None


Givinya De Elba said...

Hey HJ, Am loving your blog so much! Sorry about the formatting troubles. I often have to go back into my posts to fix things - most problems can be fixed, others are just plain weird and must remain. Hope the LBD can sleep well and will be happy to move out of your room once leg and weather permit.

Crazy Sister said...

That's a classic description of a sleeping dog! I want one so much.

Not in my room, though.

Swift Jan said...

I thought listenening to Chestnut Cheeks talk in his sleep was pretty funny... but alas I think LBD may be a little bit funnier!

I hope you are feeling better soon.