Saturday, August 9, 2008


I am a Queenslander. We don't have many places that get all that cold in this state, but I live in the general vicinity of them. It snowed a couple of weeks ago just south of here (which doesn't happen all that often, the locals were very excited). The night temperatures have been circling around zero and those cruel negative numbers all week, heavy frosts, cold fingers and I really can understand why the blokes in the 'olden days' used to wear the same underwear all winter - getting dressed is just plain painful.

Despite the cold nights the days have mostly been lovely. Cold, yes, but sunny and bright. I'm tempted to move my computer out into the sun, because our house is a modern insulated one, and the sun just doesn't warm it up - it relies on the application of heat from the inside, and I'm too much of a scrooge to put the heater on in the morning when it should be warm from the sun. It's supposed to be more energy efficient?! Don't see it myself.

Anyway, being a Saturday I have heaps of housework to do. Between loads of washing I potter about doing other things that need doing like watering my plants. I went to the trouble of getting the garden hose rather than bucketing today (no watering restrictions, yay!). I detached it from the tank tap, as the hose broke and wasn't then long enough to reach the garden bed anymore. Then I pulled it around the side and attached it to a closer tap, stretching out the hose as I went. Hubby turned it on for me, and I waited for the water. There was a miserable trickle, so I asked for more pressure. I got it and after a few gurgles and splurts my poor little rosemary bush saw its first snow fall. Look - ice - no wonder the hose broke. This was at 10.30 in the morning!!!
I must admit that after taking the photo I did scrape the ice away from my poor plant. The winter has not been kind to it. How much good would the ice have done?
...Approximately None.


Givinya De Elba said...

Wow Jen, cool story! (Literally!)

Crazy Sister said...

That's an awesome photo!

Swift Jan said...

WOW!!! That looks pretty cool! I dont think it has become quite that cold here!