Monday, August 25, 2008

Found: One pair of rosy tinted specs

... And I'm not giving them back!

Last week seemed long. Very long. And more importantly, nothing seemed worth blogging. In fact, the writing part of my brain didn't seem to be functioning at all. I couldn't write reports, I couldn't write my journal, I couldn't do anything about a church service I'm involved in this week. Blank. Unmotivated. Unable to use the English language or higher level brain functions. Unable to make myself do anything very much - even those things I usually enjoy.

The weekend was pretty good, though. Sunshine that was warm without scorching. Blue, blue sky. The first time I could spend a morning with no shoes on after what seemed to be a very long winter. Making time to be out in the sun to hang out the washing and walk the dog.

Apart from the fact I had a day of possibly controversial, adversarial meetings hanging over my head for today, life became remarkably good. And now I'm at the end of that day. The meetings over without aggression (just the brick wall of politics), and the post-meeting rush to get my part of the subsequent work done.

Tomorrow is another day. I have a few painful things to get out of the way, but I've done today's work, so hopefully I can get tomorrow's done tomorrow. Time for bed.

Just so you know, later in the week I'll be disappearing for a fortnight - I'm off on holidays to my Grandad's. I might sign in while I'm there, but I might not. Who can know? You'll have to live in the mystery.

What were the chances that I would get around to posting after a very full, hard thinking day?

...Approximately None

(but I did anyway!)


Swift Jan said...

Good on you for posting after a hard thinking day!!

*a round of applause*

I hope you have a good time at your Grandad's..

Givinya De Elba said...

Great to hear from you again Jen. I will miss you while you're away. Congrats for posting after a big day.

Crazy Sister said...

Yes, have a good time. Take a notebook - the blog ideas will flow once you're separated from your computer!

Hippomanic Jen said...

One word for you, Crazy Sister...laptop.