Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Letter From Grandma

In case you can't read Grandma's writing, this is what it says,

This is a funny story - Grandad was reading his paper and minding Peter,
and Peter climbed up on the end of the banana-bed. Grandad put his foot on
the top to stop it tipping up, then he had to put his other foot on the table to
him from tipping up, then he had to call for someone to grab

How much do I care if this might be embarrassing to some of my 'lations?

P.S. Peter is my cousin. He is also now famous (well, maybe not internationally famous, but certainly around the regions wherer he's worked). I'm still claiming I have a famous cousin.


Emily Sue said...

What's he famous for?

Peter said...

Famous for riding bucking banana beds!

Givinya De Elba said...

Peter is SO famous that I know him! Ha! Do you remember the banana bed ride, Peter?

Crazy Sister said...

Great story! Love her drawings.