Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear Doctor...

I am writing to request transfer of my records to my local veterinary surgery on the following grounds:-
  • I took my Little Black Dog to visit the vet today, and was actually in the car on my way home a whole minute BEFORE my appointment time.
  • He didn't charge me for the consultation because it was just to check that things were healing properly (but when he charges me it's still cheaper despite not getting a Medicare refund).
  • He must know his stuff, because he treats a number of different species of animals (and his patients can't explain what is wrong).
How legal would this be? *sigh*

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Crazy Sister said...

I've had similar thoughts. And I've seen an email forward about two elderly patients needing hip surgery - one getting seen straight away etc and the other getting poor service, and the punch line is that the first patient was a golden retriever and the second was a person.

Anyway, yeah. Vet service good. Human doctors... I'm sure they do their best with the system they've got.