Monday, May 3, 2010

Men and Women are Different

In marriage there are many moments that you stare at your spouse in utter bewilderment at how they could be so different and still be part of the same species.

I like to have new clothes. I like having things that give me some variety and choice. I prefer it if they are flattering in style and colour. I like them to fit nicely. I like to know that they don't gape at the neck or produce peepholes where they button up. It's nice to know that they aren't pilled, pulled or too thin from wear. They have no stains, no repairs are necessary to the buttons or seams yet.

I like having new clothes.

My Beloved on the other hand doesn't really care. If I suggest he needs a new shirt for church he looks at me blankly and says, "why?". When it comes to his normal week he's in work uniform each day, so only really feels he needs a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans for the rest of the week, and some old grungy clothes for working in the yard.

So when we were going on holidays I insisted that he needed some new clothes. He would be wearing 'civvies' for 15 days and a couple of sets of clothes were not going to cover it (particularly once the ones that I wouldn't let him take were removed from his options). So I dragged him to the shopping centre, then he reluctantly used a Christmas gift voucher he'd been given, and we got him some new clothes and they were, "all right".

This morning I was hardly awake when he came in saying he was going to have to use his oldest work shirt to work around the yard in, because he had run out of suitable old clothes. In my half asleep grogginess I managed to list off about three other shirts I could think of that were not longer suitable (in his wife's humble opinion) for wearing as casual clothes. He dug around and found them, then did a little happy dance around the bedroom, "I've got lots of old clothes, I've got old clothes!"

And the chance I haven't worked out that in the future I can sell him on the idea of buying new clothes on the basis that the old ones can be worn around the garden?

... Tee Hee.


Crazy Sister said...

I never thought of that! When you buy NEW clothes, you're actually getting a similar amount of OLD clothes!

Just like when you have a pair of odd socks, you realise that you have an identical pair somewhere.

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh, he is so funny, your Beloved!

Swift Jan said...

I think men are similar. The difference with my man and yours is that mine likes new clothes, he just wont retire the old ones so he ends up with too many and we cant close the drawers LOL