Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jen is Burstin' Out All Over

Trying madly to remember where the song I've adapted comes from. I'm guessing "Carosel".

So, I might have not met my exercise goals and best eating patterns in the crazy time leading up to Easter.

And I might have pretty much indulged in the "Food Tour of Malaysia" while overseas.

But although I refusing to get on the scales for three weeks after my return, there are some indicators that I'd better get cracking on the exercise programme.

So here is my little secret.

I have had three sets of clothes fail in the belly department.

Yep. Three (and that doesn't count for the 3/4 pants that split in the sideseam in the vicinity of my thighs).

1. A pair of new 3/4 pants where the stitching beside the fly began to let go and I had to sew it up. I tell you, those pants would have gone back to the shop (it was about the 2nd time I wore them) if it hadn't been in Toowoomba and I needed them to wear on holidays. I was cranky, because it was obviously woeful manufacture and not that I am getting a bit porky.

2. I busted the zip on my board shorts when I went swimming with elephants in the Genting Highlands. I blame the fact that when the elephant rolled over and I hit the water I must have contorted somehow in a strange way and that was the reason the zip broke - Definitely not that I am getting a little porky!

3. When I got home I was wearing an old favourite pair of suede-finished pants and the stitching beside the zip let go. Of course, they are getting on a bit, so it is probably not that I'm getting a bit porky.

Chance that I've not gained a few centimeters?

... I neither confirm or deny! (Basically because I haven't measured and don't want to know!)


Emily Sue said...

Did you throw your trousers in the washing machine with my jeans? Because I think they shrank in the wash... no really, that's what happened.

Hippomanic Jen said...

That MUST be it!!!

Crazy Sister said...

I think you retain fluid from flying overseas.