Thursday, May 20, 2010

LBD Versus Computer

No. He didn't do anything nasty to my computer.

I was just reflecting. It happens sometimes.

And when I reflect, odd combinations of things end up in the same post.

Computers drive me nuts. They spend all the time I'm not working here at my desk in trying to come up with new ways to stymie me.

And then, when they do what they're told it can drive me nuts because I want it to do what I WANT it to do, not necessarily what I TOLD it to do.

The LBD on the other hand proved on Monday night that he is nothing like a computer.

We had guests for dinner and he was beginning to be a pain. What I wanted him to do was find a spot out of the way and drop and stay there so that our guests could finish their meals in peace.

We have never established the command, "leave these poor people alone, they don't WANT you right now, and by the way, neither do I". Such a command would possibly be a little longer than suggested at dog obedience classes.

We do, however, have access to the command, "on your mat", whereupon the LBD sighs, gets a look of great resignation on his face, and reluctantly heads for the nearest mat. It is also useful at the vets when they want to weigh him.

On Monday he just headed for the corner and dropped down. Not on a mat of any description. He did precisely what I WANTED him to do, but not what I had ASKED him to do.

A better mother than I would have made him get on his mat.

I did not.

There are probably reasons that it is better that we don't have children.

The chance that anyone makes a 'dog' chip for a computer, though?

... Approximately None.


Swift Jan said...

my children never do as they are told....

Givinya De Elba said...

There's a computer game called "Petz" where you can "own" a pretend dog. You can give it treats and train it using repetition of certain commands. It's pretty easy. Maybe they should come up with a game called "Kidz."

Aleta said...

Awww, the dog just knew what you wanted even when you didn't ask. Don't you wish we could hear our pets wants and needs and thoughts?

Crazy Sister said...

Well, sometimes when I sleep in my little girl unloads the clean stuff from the dishwasher without ever having been asked. That's pretty impressive, too...