Thursday, January 29, 2009

We have a Winner!

You should know by now that this is not the sort of blog where you can win things. So you shouldn't be so excited about coming to read today's post. Really.

When you were little did you go and harvest weeds from the garden, chop them up and mix in dirt or water and pretend to be cooking? Make a big mess of yuckiness and make your Mum pretend to eat it? Or try to trick your little brother into actually eating it?

No, I never did that last one, either.

Our Little Black Dog has been off his food for a bit. He's never been hugely fascinated by food - if there is anything else going on that is interesting his food will be left until later. And every now and again he just doesn't seem to want his food. He will leave it all day and only when he's starving will he come back and finish off what the magpies have left.

He's been going through this phase for a while now, and I've been a little concerned. I've tried different varieties of tinned food, but he's not interested. Yesterday I bought some ingredients to make up a doggy-themed goulash (obviously without the onion that is poison to pooches).

I got out my biggest pot and heated some oil, put on some rice to cook, 2 kilos of mince to brown and chopped up a couple of cups worth of vegetables to go in it with a little water. Then, the secret ingredient. I cut up some lamb's fry (liver) and added it to the mix. I added the cooked rice, mixed it all in and left it to stew for a bit. I looked at it and was reminded of those mud pies we used to make as kids.

There was no way I was going to sample this little concoction.

Unfortunately I came back to my desk to do some work and forgot I'd left it on the stove. Ran to rescue it when I suddenly remembered and there was a little burnt on the bottom, and the smell of burnt liver was pretty putrid.

There was no way I was going to sample this little concoction.

By the way, there is in fact no way to get rid of the smell of burnt liver from your kitchen.

You simply have to wait until your nose gets used to it.

Anyway, when it had cooled I spooned a single serve into separate bags and added a couple of raw chicken necks and bung them into the freezer. I had just enough room for them around the tubs and tubs of frozen mango.

The test was this morning at breakfast time. I dumped the cup of dry food into the bottom of the LBD's bowl. Then added one of my magic packets.

I carried the food down and gave it to the LBD. He sniffed for a moment, then dug into it. Usually he will lift out and eat the chicken necks first, but no, he was into the real food. I walked away and he didn't follow - too busy chewing loudly at his breakfast (I really must teach him to chew with his mouth closed, it's disgusting).

I went down half and hour later to hang out some washing and not only was the food all gone, but he went back and hopefully licked at the empty bowl.

We have a winner!

What's the chance that he will tire of home cooked meals before I tire of making them?

... Approximately None!


Lilly's Life said...

How fantastic. Well done you and LBD. Gosh what a concoction it ended up being too. I wish I was the type to be a picky eater and be off my food ...I can literally eat anything. Um perhaps except this though - glad there were no images. I love your dog he reminds me of the dogs my pop had on his farm. My Pop wasnt so original with names, he called his horse Blackie and his dog Blackie mmmm how confusing for them.

I reckon you will tire before he does - that sounds like a lot of work. Its not like any of the family get to enjoy it with him, Can you freeze it for him?

Good luck!

Givinya De Elba said...

Well done on the cooking. What a Lucky LBD!

Crazy Sister said...

Commiserations on the kitchen smell.

Dash isn't into food much, either. It makes it hard to train her when she doesn't care about treats. Is LBD well trained?

June Saville said...

I reckon we're all winners - humans, concoctions, dogs - the lot!
June in Oz

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

what a great idea. Did you use a recipe or just make it all up?

Hippomanic Jen said...

LDHBE - The LBD likes people food. I have seen recipes for dog food, but couldn't remember where. I knew that rice and vegetables were part of it, so I picked things that the LBD has eaten as leftovers and made the recipe up.

I don't know that it is cheap to make! The mince alone would equal the same number of days worth of tins. But then, I didn't have time to go looking for pet mince.

Crazy Sister - you get your own post as an answer. Probably tomorrow.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Oh, and Lilly - it made up 16 days worth, so yes, I've frozen it and should only have to cook once a fortnight or so rather than every couple of days. Which is good, because I'm having trouble getting the pan clean.

Dee from Downunder said...

You are a good doggie mum. I guess he was just tired of the same old stuff.. it happens.