Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Advice to an About-to-be-Married Friend

I was cleaning up some old files on my computer and came across a document that I'd written to be included in a scrapbook for a friend's hens party. Among other things like recipes, and what our friendship had meant to me, we were requested to give our best tips for a happy marriage. I take it that I didn't want to do the usual sugarly stuff that everyone else would do - I found this gem, just as true today as when I first penned it:-

"Look, just ignore the state of the hand basin. It’s never going to get any better. Those days of it staying clean-looking between cleaning days are gone. Get over it. There is something about shaving that requires water to be spread over as great a part of the hand basin, mirror, walls and floors as possible. They get taught this by their fathers, I’m certain.

Don’t get me started on the toilet floor."

My Beloved, I do love you and appreciate how much work you do around the house mowing and whipper-snippering, washing up, vacuuming, washing windows, painting and all those odd jobs. It's just a reflection of the number of reasons why I love cleaning the bathroom -

... Approximately None.


June Saville said...

Comparison of habtis/values between the sexes is a fascinating pastime.

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

so true Jen

Crazy Sister said...

And the flossing spots on the mirror. I hate them.

The Accidental Housewife said...

Thank you! I have been annoyed (seriously) about the state of the hand basin for the last few days and I have been trying to think of a nice way to bring it up. Your advice is soooo timely - I'm just going to give up =)