Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Little About the Wedding

My Cousin, whose real name shall go un-mentioned (save to say that she is named after old coinage, or one of my favourite classical heroines) got hitched on Saturday and it was a lovely day.

Bridesmaids - elegant

Bride - radiant (I'd love to post a couple of photos, but that wouldn't be fair as the bridal couple are away and haven't had a chance to share their own photos yet)
Groom - appeared just the right proportion of nervous and excited

Rain - held off until the end of the evening, but it was a little muggy for most of the day.

Family & Friends - had a great time - pity the bride and groom couldn't enjoy it as much due to photos and having so many people to catch up with.
I haven't asked anyone if I can share their photos in the den of vice that is the internet, but here are a few shots to fill you in...

My Beloved, looking a little less like Nicholas Cage than he did on Givinya's Blog at the virtual birthday party she threw for me a couple of weeks ago.
The reason he doesn't often appear is that he just doesn't photograph well - he pulls faces - hence the fact that the best of the photos is this one when he didn't know it was being taken. He has the kindest eyes of any man I've ever met.

My very pretty mother who helped me sew. Thanks, Mum.

You can tell that she'd stopped talking in order to be photographed. If she'd been talking her hands would be flying around, not folded neatly in front of her.

Mum and I wearing the results of our labours.

The chance that Mum would let me steal her skirt to add to my wardrobe?

... Approximately None!

But that's probably okay, given that you can almost certainly guess the chances of it fitting me!


Femina said...

The zipper appears to be taking the strain very nicely! :P Sounds like it was a fun time and your clothes are very pretty. As a non-sewer I'm always in awe of anyone who doesn't use bandaids to fix a hem...

Swift Jan said...

Your out fit looks lovely!!! YOU look stunning!
Glad it was an enjoyable day (I was in Warwick on Saturday so I know what you mean about the weather!)

Crazy Sister said...

What lovely pics! You and your Mum are a very classily dressed pair of gals.

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

Jen - you look beautiful! what a lovely outfit on such a pretty women!

Anonymous said...

You both ook very glam, for sure. What a great day, by the sounds of it. Bride and groom never enjoy the day as much as the guests, do they?

Givinya De Elba said...

He has kind eyes because he is one of the kindest men I've ever met.

Lovely outfits! You ladies can sew. I am having palpitations at the thought of taking up the curtains in my new house 5 cm.