Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's all Greek to me...

I had a little bit of a surreal moment just now.

I was leaving a quick comment on a blog and must have accidently hit the right combination of keys to turn my keyboard to polytonic Greek characters (I think I need to cut my finger nails, or put on my glasses, or both).

At first I thought my comment looked odd.

Then I recognised the symbols.

Then I deleted the characters and tried again - it was still wrong.

Then I couldn't work out how I'd done it.

Then I had to go digging through my study books to find my list of instructions of how to undo it because I haven't had the need to type out any Greek words for a while.

Swift Jan doesn't know how lucky she is that my ancient Greek textbook was not as buried as I had thought it would be. And that I decided not to leave the gobbledegook there as proof that I am certifiable.

Chance that I could have altered the keyboard without my cheat sheet if I had intended to do it?

... Approximately None.


Swift Jan said...

HEhe I would have enjoyed the gobbledygoop!! (so long as you translated it too) :)

Stepford Mommy said...

Oh no! I'd have needed to get a new computer. As it is I occasionally hit the F-something key and lose the little toolbar at the top. . it makes me nuts and takes 20 minutes to undo. You'd think I'd take the time to make a note of the solution after all these years. . .