Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Horse for Giggles: Part 2

There were those who commented that the recent photos I posted made me look very attractive. I personally thought they emphasised that I always look pretty much the same across the years.

So I thought for fairness sake that I should post a less flattering shot of myself. Fortunately I had just the right photo after about a day and a half this weekend sitting in my parent's garage and madly carving at a horse's head.

Martian or creature from the Black Lagoon? (Can you tell I'm smiling?)

And this was what I was doing. My Dad let me use his Dremel which made the carving a whole lot easier for the fine detail stage. Most of the major shaping was done with either a rasp or a sanding disk.

I was a bit concerned about the fine detail. I've often drawn pictures of horses, but only in two dimensions. And the photos in my horse books are also in two dimensions.

Unfortunately sculpture (by it's very nature) is three dimensional. So I had to do the best I could without a live subject to copy. It would probably be a bit excessive to buy a horse simply to finish a woodworking project. I ended up with three good photos (of different horses!). One from front-on, one side-on and one three quarters.

I was still incredibly worried about the eyes. Hours of hard work could be stuffed up entirely by a slip of the Dremel.

And here are a few shots of the end product. There's only sanding left to go, and I'm very happy with how he's turned out.

The chance that Giggles is going to actually get this present at all?
... Approximately None - I'm getting a little attached to him.
I accidentally named him.
And talk to him while I'm working.
And pat him.
And take him for trips to Toowoomba to meet people (when he's not even finished yet).
The chance that I don't have a few issues?
... You guessed it!


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh my, he's looking awesome! You've done so much since I saw him on Friday! I wouldn't put it past you to have actually bought a horse to help you with the final stages of Dremeling.

I thought your second sentence read: "I personally thought they emphasised that I always look pretty across the years." I should read slower. But that would have been correct in any case.

Femina said...

The photos I saw only showed legs and no body... how do you know he's a boy?? He (or perhaps she) is quite gorgeous, though. You are very clever and I'm impressed that you haven't cut off any of your fingers.

Hippomanic Jen said...

I do still have all my fingers, although I was a little tentative with one particular bit that looked very vicious.

On Saturday I went wandering into the house in search of tissue and then Mum came out to check that it was a tissue for my runny nose, not for a bleeding finger.

I had one accidental scarf on poor Troy, though. I've hidden it well, but his on-side eye (the one not shown in any of the photos) is not quite as good as a result.

And he is a boy. Just like my first car. He just is. I did briefly toy with the concept of making him anatomically correct, but decided that would just be too much work.

Swift Jan said...

Clever lady!!!

He is looking fantabulous!!!

Crazy Sister said...

That's incredible work! You could sell that for a fortune... I'm just saying.

Jenny said...

What a great job you are doing! And Troy! as I am getting to know you better it certainly makes sense (that is if I am getting the whole wooden horse of Troy thing correct?) :)! I am really looking forward to seeing this baby finished!