Monday, November 17, 2008

Playing Good Dog, Bad Dog

Many people comment that our Little Black Dog is really well behaved.

Mostly he is. Some areas could use a little work - and probably ideally before he was seven and a half years old.

The LBD positively hates it when I go out in the car. My role in the family (pack) is to stay at home and keep him company. He's been a bit clingy since I went away for that 10 days earlier in the month.

When he is being a dog (as opposed to being a person inside with me) he has the run of the garage and the backyard. So when I need to take the car out there is some negotiation required.

I usually flick the switch for the door as I come in from upstairs, which excites the dog because he thinks he's coming too. He runs around the car, flattens himself and squeezes under the opening door and waits at the rear door of the car for me to open it and lift him in.

If I walk to the sliding door to the backyard and move his water bowl outside, he knows that he's being excluded from this trip. He also knows that it is inevitable and so slinks out, tail and ears down to my command "outside". I feel that I have betrayed his trust, but despite the fact he doesn't want to go he is such a good dog to do what he is told.

So he is a good dog.

Of course, I then get into the car and go. And my poor LBD barks his head off (and I'm certain the language is not at all polite). This is bad dog behaviour.

So what is the chance that I will ever work out whether he is a good dog or a bad dog?

... Approximately None

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Givinya De Elba said...

He is a good dog. That barking is him saying, "Have A Good Trip, Have You Remembered Your Handbag, Please Bring Back Bones!"