Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Perils of Recreational Walking

The LBD is favouring his bad leg again. He was using it pretty consistently until yesterday, and now he'll hardly use it at all. I think it will be back to the vet again.

I had a letter to post and the postbox is up the top of the hill (between 800m - 1km). It is not worth getting the car out, and after all, I'm trying to get fit. The postbox would normally be the first stop on a longer walk, but the LBD would like to come. So we went on a short walk - he doesn't actually care how long it is, as long as there's something to sniff and lift his leg on. And I'm rowing my way to slenderness, so the walk is an additional extra.

I thought I was fairly immune to judgemental looks from passers-by. Today I spoke to one old chap powering up the hill, and we fell into conversation. He was doing a fair speed for a more mature person, and managed to carry on a conversation at the same time.

In the space of about 400 metres he'd managed to tell me:

1. I shouldn't be walking my lame dog;
2. If he's having trouble with the burrs I should get him some boots like they use out west (I'd already told him it wasn't the burrs);
3. Everyone should be getting fit (So what was I doing, eating donuts?);
4. Everyone should have a $1200 treadmill so that they can exercise at anytime of the day;
5. A rowing machine will not do - I need to get cardio-vascular fitness;
6. Then everyone also needs a home gym to tone up their muscles.

I was very glad that he was walking much, much further than I was, and that I had to turn off to get to the postbox.

What are the chances I want the opportunity to walk and talk with him again?

... Approximately None.


Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

That is so mean!

People can be so inconsiderate in the comments that they make.

And he is dead wrong about your rowing machine. They are designed for cardio fitness - see link for proof -

I hope LBD is alright by the way.

Oh and I linked you -

Givinya De Elba said...

If the Bible didn't say that anyone who says, 'You fool!' will be in danger of the fire of hell, I'd say that guy was an idiot.

Dee from Downunder said...

Everyones an expert, aren't they. Does he work at the local fitness store or something? LOL
Hope LBD is better soon, poor fella.

femina said...

Were you wearing a t-shirt that said, "Please tell me how to run my life, because I have no idea. Goodness knows how I've survived thos long without you."??

Aleta said...

Good grief. Don't you love "know it all's"?! I'd wish him a happy trails and walk away.

I hope LBD is feeling better. Looks like such a sweet dog. Greg's dog is 14 years old and has bad arthitis. Her spirit is willing to walk, but she can't go far. It's sad.

Swift Jan said...

Wow. I think I like the old people around my place, all I get from them is "good morning"...

You are doing a great job btw :)

Crazy Sister said...

I bet you were walking beside the nosy old guy, smiling smugly and thinking, "Yes, you're annoying, but I'm so blogging this tonight."

Louisa said...

Le, I think you need to make a t-shirt like the one Femina described! At least it made for good blog material!!

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

thanks for you comment on my blog. I got excited because I thought you were back - I miss you. Come back to normal blog land soon!