Monday, July 13, 2009

Linguini Jen

Well, I've been keeping something in my closet.

It's probably about time I 'fessed up.

It's just that it might change the way you think about me, and I'm not certain I can cope with that...

In April I was commissioned as a Pastor in my church, although I prefer "Linguini" as a title, because it is more fun to say. (Get it - Pasta/Pastor - oh, nevermind)

See, I told you that you'd think about me differently.

But I haven't actually changed at all, as evidenced by a moment at our Church Council meeting this afternoon.

I had visited with a family when their husband/father passed away last week. The funeral is tomorrow. When it came up during the meeting every connection to everyone else and every place any of the kids had ever worked was part of the discussion. This is part of belonging to a small country town, and making certain that everyone knew if it was the same "John Citizen" they knew, or Fred Citizen's Dad that was about to be buried.

I mean, it's terrible if you've mentally buried the wrong person's father. Particularly when some of the old names are around here in plague proportions. Next time you see a client and give them your condolences only to find out it was John Citizen, second cousin once removed, who died, not their Dad who also happens to be John Citizen, because he was named after the first one.

Of course, it's even worse if you see someone up the street who you mentally buried six months ago. You can't really greet them with, "Hey, great to see you, I thought you were dead!"

So in our meeting the ages of the kids came up. One of the other ladies said that one of the sons was the same age as one of her kids, thereby making him 41.

At which I said, "Well, he certainly doesn't look it, I would have said he wasn't much older than me."

Whereupon I remembered that I am actually 35. He's not that much older than me.

There was much hilarity at my expense, particularly given that my inclusion on the Church Council has probably dropped the average age of the group to about 55.

And my church is sending me to the national assembly in Sydney?

How much did they think that through?

... Approximately None!


Swift Jan said...

Now hang on a minute... 41 is actually a whole SIX years older than you! That's qute a bit really!! ;)

Givinya De Elba said...

I don't think differently of you. Maybe because I was at the commissioning service?

Laughing at: "Hey, great to see you, I thought you were dead!"

Hippomanic Jen said...

Swift Jan - Unfortunately, my "not that much older" was thinking maybe about 5 years. So it was pretty much on the money.

Givinya - glad you got a giggle, and of course you already knew I'd been "pasturised".

Femina said...

So if I gossip about you now I can say, "we're just having pasta for lunch"?? (Pasta... pastor... geddit? Yeah, my sense of humour is as well-developed as yours.)

Anonymous said...

I am pretty impressed actually. Yay you!