Saturday, July 11, 2009

Amazing Miracle Baggage

Just to let you know that I will be incommunicado for a week or so starting next Wednesday. Of course, with what I've got to do before then I may be incommunicado prior to that, but not because I have no access, just because I haven't time to sit at the computer.

Anyway, I'm flying to Sydney for a church conference as one of the Queensland representatives. What is the Queensland Standing Committee thinking sending me?

Some years ago I went to the bother of buying a beautiful wheelie port ('suitcase' for foreigners and mexicans - no, not the real mexicans, just all those who live south of the border).

It was of a standard for all the overseas travel I was dreaming of, matched my back-pack, and had the zip around extra bit for when you have more stuff going home again. I cleverly got the middle size not the portable wardrobe size, nor the tiny could-almost-count-as-cabin-luggage size. I thought I'd done well.

Until I got it home.

At that point I realised that the car trip back to home from Rockhampton had caused the port to swell and stretch to an amazing size. Good thing that the journey wasn't longer, or I'd have split the seams of my car.

Anyway, I use it sometimes, but it really is too big, so I often borrow baggage from my parents, because they have smaller wheelie ports that meet the size requirements of airlines and don't require me to pack extra things just to fill it up.

But next year Mum and Dad are taking us on a big family trip to Malaysia. The typical Mum, Dad and two kids, just adding two spouses (spice?) and a grandchild (and - my mother has pointedly informed us all - any subsequent issue arriving betwixt now and then).

This means that the option of borrowing a port from Mum and Dad is not going to work. So I decided to go this morning and buy a suitable suitcase that I could take to Sydney, and would also be one of the two required for next year.

I vacillated between the 24" and the 26" versions in my preferred model. Yes, for some strange reason they still measure baggage in inches. And litres. (I don't get it, it's a bit like going into a hardware shop and asking for a 1.2 metre length of 2" x 4") Anyway there were 10 litres difference between the two.

I decided to go with the smaller one on the basis that baggage increases in size between the shop in which one buys it and the residence of the purchaser. But I decided to take some time to think about it, rang my parents to see what size theirs were, and went back and looked at them both open again and decided that there wasn't all that much extra room, but that it would be useful to have and the price difference was negligible.

So how surprised was I when I got it home to find that it is huge? (albeit not as huge as my existing one)

... Approximately None! *sigh*


Givinya De Elba said...

The word "port" is a blast from the past for me - I don't think I've used it since Year 1. Thanks for the memories.

Femina said...

I don't think I've heard 'port' since before my grandmother died...

The important thing is not the size, it's how many nifty compartments and zippers it has.

Crazy Sister said...

A typical whole-family trip to Malaysia?

Love the two spouses being the 'spice' of the family.

Swift Jan said...

I hope you enjoy the conferance!
My hubby bought me a HOT pink "port" (hehe) a few years ago for my birthday! Its wonderful!! And easy to spot at the airport :D

Femina said...

You know, if there's space left in your suitcase you could fill it with warm jumpers and socks and come to Melbourne. I have a spare bed... okay, my cat thinks it's hers but I could probably teach her to share without being scratched TOO badly!

Givinya De Elba said...

Teting testing, new little picture thingy.

Givinya De Elba said...

Oooh I like it. I am commenting again to see it again.

Sometime a high comment count means your readers think you're good. Whether that be true (it is) this time a high comment count means one of your readers just wants to see another little picture of HERSELF.

Femina said...

And sometimes it's because commenters want to have a conversation with other commenters and completely ignore the original blogger.

Givinya, look at you! How gorgeous are you?? Is that a wedding pic, or is that how you look to run down to the local shops?

Anonymous said...

I love huge suitcases - you can fit smaller ones inside them when you leave and bring so much more stuff back :)

Anonymous said...

On our last holiday it was pointed out to me that we pay 'porterage' at hotels not 'caserage' so port must be correct. And that came from a southerner.