Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Escaping to the Anonymity of the City

So it is now unavoidable. The wisdom teeth are coming out. Recommended by the dentist and oral surgeon, they only have weeks left in my mouth. It turns out that it would have been better for them to come out when I was in my twenties, as they are now well fused into the jawbone and one in particular has a little kick that is going to make life ...interesting.

Not that I care, because I will be unaware of anything going on. Much better than having the couple of actual problem ones out in the chair.

I like the totally asleep part of the concept.

I was glad that the surgeon only has theatre time in two Toowoomba Hospitals, because I do a fair bit of hospital visiting here and know many of the staff by sight, if not to talk to. And if I find it hard to be a Christian before about 8.30 in the morning, how would I do recovering from a general anaesthetic and in pain?

Just as well to disappear into the anonymity of a Toowoomba Hospital where I won't know anyone.

Except that the day I selected (that fitted into my schedule with a week off to recover) is at a hospital where I know one of the administrators.

That's okay, she won't see me when I'm in pain or coming out of the anaesthetic.

But I then found out that the nurse practitioner for this particular surgeon at this particular hospital is the daughter of one of our church ladies, and I've met her on a number of occasions. I probably know her better than most of the hospital staff here.

Chance that I saw that one coming?

... Approximately None!


Hippomanic Jen said...

There is every chance that Toowoomba is just not a big enough city to have anonymity.

Swift Jan said...

It's Ok Jen.... I had a few midwives that were either clients of mine, or ladies from my church. They saw my bits & helped me to learn how to breastfeed! That was awkward!! LOL
All the best with your op. Swift Jim is going under the knife next week to have all 4 of his out too... I am sure he can sympathise with you..

Hippomanic Jen said...

All the best to Swift Jim. Hope it all goes well. And I hadn't really thought about having kids -of course, at the rate we're going I'll be too old to have kids at the local hospital anyway, but yes, anonymity would be good there, too.

Givinya De Elba said...

I think the same midwife from church helped me breastfeed too. I was more embarrassed that I was crying uncontrollably due to Extreme Breastfeeding Disappointment.

Femina said...

A friend of mine, who is a singer, was once recognised in the middle of having a pap smear. Really NOT the time you want someone saying, "Hey, aren't you ______???"

Joce said...

Best wishes for your teeth extraction... do you still go to Sydney too? I did have mine done in my 20s (wasn't my favourite experience, but also not my worst...) that probably doesn't help at all! Just make sure someone you love is around to pick you up & take you home....

Crazy Sister said...

I love that you find it hard to be a Christian before 8:30 am. Me too.

Have you been under a general anasthetic before? I've never felt so disoriented and scared in all my life as when I woke up. And then the puking began.

But you'll be fine! Have fun!

Bush Babe said...

Had mine out in my late teens... all four of the suckers. Hope yours went OK (not sure if it has been done already?).

Advice? Well, I had my grandma make me iced coffees and bring me panadol while watching the Brisbane Commonwealth Games on TV... OMG. That REALLY ages me! Hope you have someone to spoil you as you recover!!