Saturday, June 20, 2009

Would the mouse baits happen to be green?

I stymied my Beloved by ringing him up at work with this question yesterday.

He wasn't certain how I could have worked it out, given the fact that I've not been in any way involved in operation "Bait the Little Blighters".

I had been in the kitchen and noted that the tiny pellets the mice had left were a very pretty shade of forest green.

I think they've been eating the baits.

Now we await the massive pong of several dozen dead mice.

Looking forward to that...

... Approximately None!


Givinya De Elba said...

We always CHEER when we see green pellets! Hoping you have as little dead-mouse-in-the-house smell as we have had.

Hoping you have MUCH less of the same than Crazy Sister has had.

What can I say? We're just lucky. I suppose our house isn't a great place to die.

Crazy Sister said...

Ohhhh yes. Hopefully your "Russells" have gone outside to die. And hopefully LBD diesn't eat any poisoned mice. I'm sure he's far too sensible to eat icky green poison smelling mice.

Swift Jan said...

It cant be much worse than the horrid hair experience though... surely?!

I hope its the end though for you xx

Anonymous said...

Little green pellets are a GOOD sign. Hope you are rodent free soon!

Bush Babe said...

Oh Jen... I am sooo torn about this. I have a verrrry sensitive nose (ask Jeanie) and while I despise mice, and I despise their disgusting leavings, I abhor the smell of DEAD mice. Dead mice I cannot always find... usually having to pull the fridge apart to find the bodies. Why do mice (pound for pound) cause more angst than any other animal on the planet? (With the possible exception of great danes?)