Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Horse for Giggles: Part 7

The mega-project is still on-going and we are leaving for the coast on Friday for Giggles' birthday party on Saturday.

It is still looking possible that we will be finished on time, but the timeframes are getting quite tight. So many little bits of projects that will hopefully all come together in the next few days.

It was a big weekend.

Saddlery the easy way?

Oh, for goodness sake just take it to a saddler! Who wants to be fiddling around with this the weekend before? It's nearly finished now, just a few finishing touches before I can show you the final product.

While I was upstairs doing that, my Beloved was downstairs doing this:-

Boxy, but beautiful (hey, wasn't that a Volvo advertisement some years ago?).

Finally, a whole horse!
Then there was lots of sanding and carving and we killed the little Ozito sanding machine. It sparked, then died. Troy, you were just too much for a little sanding machine.
I do know, though, that Troy can take my whole weight. It would be interesting to have a visual record of some of the positions I've needed to get at different bits of this timber horse for sanding or carving or painting. Today's post could have been entitled "Musings from beneath a timber horse". But I decided that the world did not need to see a record of the inane things I think about when I'm staining timber.
After today's staining and first top coat efforts. Thanks for the help, Mum.

He came up shiny and luminous and gorgeous.
Tomorrow he is off to get the swinging rods put on, followed by a second coat of paint.

How many coats of paint do I want to have to put on on Friday?
... Approximately None!
(But I'm likely to be glueing in his mane, tail, and forelock)


Femina said...

Oh, he's so shiny and beautiful! I want to pat him.

And if Giggles doesn't like him you'll be able to sell him for a PACKET. I'm just saying...

Givinya De Elba said...

You are amazing. Truly amazing.

Aleta said...

Oh OH OH OH Oh!!!! I'm so impressed! I love the horse! AWWWW, I NEVER thought it would come out this good. Wow - truly amazed! You're bringing out the little kid in me and making me want one! SO Cool!

Swift Jan said...

TRoy is gorgeous! You guys are amazing!