Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back from our Weekend Away

Had a wonderful weekend. Giggles is so cute and very verbal for her age. Also really determined in anything that she wants to do. Uncle Beloved (who actually gets "Aunty Beloved") was dragged around by the hand for a while at the park to help her do things. Until she was finished with him, when she waddled off to something else. Adorable.

After the party we went back to the house to put Troy together while Giggles had a sleep (he'd had to travel in two separate cars). Once he was operational all the adults were impatient for her to wake up. One of Giggles' other aunties got to have a ride to check that all was okay, due to the fact that she is very slim and tall enough to get on without unnecessary transverse pressure.

Giggles was still a bit sleepy when she finally got to see what was under the doona, and stood transfixed for a while. She was put up onto him and the boys rocked her for a bit, but when they stopped, she got him rocking herself.

She has an amazing seat and pretty good hands for someone who is only two and has only had a couple of pony rides before. I'm seriously impressed!

Still negotiating with her parents about posting a photo of a grinning Giggles having a ride. We'll have to see.

Later, she was playing with other presents and had a toy brush. She went and brushed Troy's tail. Cute. Then she gave her plastic toy llama a ride. That was so sweet I could have eaten her all up.

All the boys (the various uncles) kept on asking my Beloved about the project and complimenting him on the job. He was very good at explaining that I'd done the carving, staining and painting. I was starting to get a bit peeved (although he had done a fantastic job of the laminating, sawing and all the joints required).

Will we be going into rocking horse production any time soon?
... I don't think so.

Chance that we are not relieved that this project is finished?

... Approximately None!


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh wow. The finished product is awesome! And I don't see any pale roots showing! He looks less likely to burst into an 80's power ballad now, maybe Femina will agree?

Givinya De Elba said...

Irony though: I am looking hard to see the clever shaping around the eyes, mouth and ears that had you bothered ... but thanks to the bit and the mane, I can't see any of it! I know it's there though.

Femina said...

Heh... yes, his mane is now looking less Europe/The Final Countdown and more Kate Bush/Wuthering Heights.

Troy is beautiful and you and Uncle Beloved are truly amazing. Just in case you're wondering, I've always secretly wanted a dolls' house. And my birthday is in November. Just saying...

Jenny said...

Wow - he is fabulous!, It has been such a hoot watching him come to life! Looking forward to Giggles next birthday surprise :)!

Aleta said...

Wow - it came out beautiful. Aww, I was hoping to see her ride Troy. Ah well, I can understand the hesitations. It's the Internet after all. Loved the pictures you shared. If I ever have a child, hmmm, would you consider one more production?
;-) Not like that will ever happen, but wow - that truly is a beautiful gift to be treasured for generations and generations to come!

Swift Jan said...

The finsihed result is gorgeous! Congratulations for completing it on time! You should be very proud!

I am stoked for you that Giggles loves it so much :)