Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Horse for Giggles: Part 6

The deadline is looming. We've been madly using every spare minute to get Troy finished. We go to the coast in 9 days' time.

I'm just hoping the final coat of paint will be dry.

And it doesn't feel like we're getting very far. So many things need working out or drying time or we need to do something else first.

Thank goodness for the Queen's Birthday Holiday next Monday.

I can prove that I've been doing things, though -

Jen, remember that you have disposable gloves in the cupboard.

Of course, there was another job where it would have been really good to remember that I had disposable gloves in the cupboard. Remember these? -

Now, if the average person has to wash their hands six times in scented soap to get rid of the smell, how often does an average person have to wash the hair to get rid of the smell?
I can't actually remember. Lots.
To get the last of the chaff out of them I had to condition them, comb them thoroughly, let them dry and then comb them again. Then check to see if they passed the sniff test. Any last remaining little specks were then considered to be 'clean dirt' due to the number of times they'd been soaped, rinsed, conditioned and brushed at.
Here's one batch hanging up to dry on the laundry spout. I think I only have six paper clips left that haven't been bent into hooks to hang up hair to dry. Good thing I work from home, or I wouldn't have had enough.
I didn't have enough rubber bands, but Dad works from home too, so we got by.
Dad, do you want your rubber bands back when I've finished with them?
Why ever not?

This was one of the longest of the tails. You would never have guessed that it was this colour when it came in.

Of course, it isn't that colour anymore. I got at it with the hair dye.
I made certain it was a dye that covers gray.
It did.
Here is all my hair lined up. The big pile in the foreground are the longest and thickest ones that are designated as 'tail'. The next ones back are designated 'forelock', and the others are lined up longest to shortest for the mane.
(Is it freaky that I still have the original box for my sewing machine, which was new back in 1985? It's my Mother's fault - it started off as hers and she kept the box because we lived out west and it had to be shipped in for servicing. Of course, I've had the machine now for about 10 years and have no such excuse.)

I stitched the tails to cotton tape.
I didn't use them all.
I really regret the fact that I de-clodified more tails than I needed.
And washed more tails than I needed.
And conditioned and brushed more tails than I needed.
And dyed more tails than I needed.
There is no way I'm throwing them out.

I'm still experimenting with options for glueing the ends in so that the individual hairs can't be pulled out. Silicone didn't quite cut it. We'll see how an actual glue goes, but I want something that will stay flexible enough to be inserted into a slit in Troy's neck.

I am running out of time to conduct clinical trials on different products.
Chance that I'm going to let this deadline beat me?
... Approximately None!


Swift Jan said...

No wonder hand made rocking horses cost so much to buy in the shops. The amount of time & smellyness it takes to make ONE is amazing!

You are one patient woman & my hat goes off to you & your beloved!

Cant wait to see the finiahed result!

Givinya De Elba said...

Chuckling at the thought of Troy developing blonde roots as he ages ...

This is one truly amazing rocking horse.

Aleta said...

This is going to be SO cool to see the end result.

You impress me, because no way could I have gone through all of that!

Crazy Sister said...

Wow, it's getting amazing. Your poor hands. To think you were once a hand model...

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, look at your hands! But what a great job you have done, it looks terrfiic