Friday, December 5, 2008

Nuthin' (Exuberantly Verbose Version)

Normally when I have nothing to say it would be best not to say anything (of course, that is an impossibility for me - despite training at uni and in the workplace!).

As it turns out in the world of blog, no posts mean that it gets very boring, very quickly and everyone thinks the author has dropped off the planet (or has been raptured - you didn't get the memo?)

Well, the truth is more likely that I get more visits to my site if I've actually written something new - Yes, my whole blog is motivated by my traffic counter (despite the fact that additional traffic means approximately nothing when I don't use it for advertising or any form of sales - just the ego boost that someone cares enough to read something I've written).

So as a result, sometimes I will write a very long, rambling post about nothing, hoping to stumble across something mildy amusing - then give it a a bit of a pruning and send it off into lonely cyberspace.

Yesterday I spent some time reviewing my posts (both here and at Skinny Cow), and checking on the length of my comments on other people's posts. This was probably because I had absolutely nothing to say. There are probably other things I could have been doing to get blog fodder, but I didn't do them.

I noticed that other people manage to get their story told with much less verbiage. Maybe verbiage is my style. Yes, my life is made up of many digressions around my intended point... although some commenters were very kind (and as a result ended up with this - hope you've enjoyed).

So I'm still feeling constrained to keep it simple, but decided to let fly anyway to see if I like the effect any better - so I've used the absolutely greatest number of words to get my point across.

Of course, how much of a point do I have today?

... Approximately None.


Givinya De Elba said...

I did a quick little meme and took up heaps of "column inches". Sometimes I hit "Publish" and get a surprise at how HUGE it looks on the screen.

Crazy Sister said...

I decided that your previous two posts on this subject looked perversely better with no comments, and am calling for other Hippomanic Readers to boycott commenting on Edited Jen posts.

Bring back the verbosity!

Hippomanic Jen said...

This might make the first time in history my verbosity has been appreciated. I might cry.

It has previously been deprecated by:
1. My mother
2. My father
3. My teachers
4. My debating coaches
5. My university lecturers
6. Various bosses
7. Anyone who has ever had to sit through a meeting with me.
8. Me (when I got my phone bill after I moved away from home).
9. Possibly by those who have to sit through my sermons - I'm not game to ask.

June Saville said...

I just like the normal you.
June in Oz

Dee from Downunder said...

I can sum up those posts in two words, writers block. Sometimes I think my posts are too short, I often think of things to add later, but debate whether to add them or not

When I worked in retail, a sales trainer gave us a sticker to put on the computer to remind us to give our speil and then listen to the customers responce before going on, the sticker said "shut up"

Don't take her advice, she also wore bunny ears


Anonymous said...

Definitely more amusing when verbose, if that is the aim. How many words is the max for saying nothing. Try again.
The Lurker

Swift Jan said...

WE love you just the way you are!!