Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The neighbourhood young 'uns

There is a neighbouring family who is driving me nuts. It is actually made up of Mum, Dad and two adolescents (non-identical twins). Both parents are arty-types (they do sing beautifully when I've had the chance to hear them around town) and they don't seem to believe in boundaries for their offspring. We couldn't have the little dears growing up with any repressed desires, now could we?

Mostly I'm pretty tolerant of other people's choices in raising their children, but my tolerance has been stretched with this lot. I'm sitting here working and they are making huge amounts of noise in a quiet neighbourhood. Really obnoxious, repetitive noise. I don't mind hearing kids playing, it's so happy in the background. This is just irritating.

They don't have any respect for the property of others. They will play in any yard, regardless of fences. The Little Black Dog actually growled at them and chased one of them out of the backyard yesterday. Watched by one of the parents. Yes, you read correctly - one of the parents was watching one of their sweet offspring enter our property. Now I'm sitting here hoping that no-one reports it as a dog attack. This could be highly likely, given that these parents have proved to be pretty aggressive anytime someone threatens their darling, precious babies.

In my opinion, the young 'uns are old enough that Mum and Dad shouldn't have to run around after them, supplying their every need in the shortest timeframe possible. The parents are looking seriously worn-out, and yet they haven't the sense to stop toadying to the little blighters.

I say kick them out of home and be done with it!

A bit harsh you say? Well, I'm fairly certain they won't ever read this.

Yes, we have adolescent magpies. (Whaaah, Whaaah, whaaah, whaaaa-aaah)

For how much time were you fooled?

... Approximately None?


Femina said...

Aww, man... you totally sucked me in! :D

Givinya De Elba said...

Me too, aren't they annoying? I remember them driving me crazy at college.

Lilly's Life said...

Excellent post, you fooled me until the punchline. And Yes they can be annoying but I do love the fact Magpies are monogomous - and love their familes. How cute is that - unless the kids are annoying you that is.

Swift Jan said...

LOL Jen you're a classic!! That was awesome! You had me also!!! LOL

Dee from Downunder said...

Yeah.. got me too, and I have those "neighbours" as well. LBD is a brave dog.

Thanks for the laugh!

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

You got me. I had to re-read you post again to understand. lol

Crazy Sister said...

You tricker!