Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Battle of the Bedroom

Well, it's on again...

Last year we had a mosquito plague in our house. Mainly the bedroom and ensuite, but a few of them found us in the lounge as well.

I hate them.

And I'm not winning the war.

This is the reason that we have fly screens on our windows. I hate flying insects of most persuasions, but mosquitoes are the worst because they bite and spread disease. And they like me more than my Beloved. They keep me awake at night with their high pitched buzz and the swish of air past me in the dark.

I have no idea how they are getting in. I have no idea where they could be breeding inside (I usually empty the dog's water bowl at least once a week on the principle that mosquito larvae take seven days to mature. I know this, because the crazy EHO supervisor at my old Council used to email us to let us know when the next wave of mosquitoes were going to be flying about. He'd give it to us to the minute).

They are impervious to fly spray.

So my nightly battle has recommenced and their little mashed bodies litter the walls and ceilings until I get a step-ladder or chair to get up to clean them off. I'm a bit worried that if ever one of us goes missing and the crime scene guys come through they will find all the blood spots across the ceiling and walls with their magic lights and think that a brutal murder has taken place. After all, it is our blood!

Then there's the 'I missed him' dance as I take multiple swipes at one I've disturbed as it is flying off.

It's possibly a little disturbing for my Beloved. He can sleep through mosquito attack (actually, he can sleep through most things), but not Jen dancing on the bed trying to get a good aim at one that's landed on the ceiling above us.

I'm comforting myself with my childhood theory that mosquitoes can't bite through a sheet and don't ever bite on the face. This means that if every part of me apart from my face is under the sheet, they can't get me. Illogical and erroneous, but it helps me get to sleep. Except on the really hot nights, when you don't want anything over you at all.

The good thing is that it only lasts for the summer. They die over the winter.

The downside is that winter is still months away.

I might need the exercise, but how much do I enjoy The Battle of the Bedroom?

...Approximately None.


Swift Jan said...

You should buy a mosquito net!

I know what you mean though. I shared the bedroom with the hungry little critters last night too grrrr.

Lilly's Life said...

Oh I hate them too - do you know they are the animal that kills more people than any other. Soorry hardly comforting under the circumstances.

Crazy Sister said...

They really make you appreciate flies, hey?

Aleta said...

OMG - I can so relate. During the hot, summer months in New Orleans with so much water around us, there are trucks that go through the neighborhoods to bug spray. Ugh, I cannot stand those bugs and like you, they tend to bite me and ignore Greg! It's not right.

(I also appreciate the winter months - cooler now, without the bugs!)

Jen said...

that is one good thing about it being winter, no mosquitoes. I am a hater of those bugs too.

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

you clearly have sweeter, better blood than your hubby :)

Dee from Downunder said...

Who ever invents a way for their total destruction will be rich.

My parents have huge brown mozzies at their place, and they BITE like no tomorrow