Monday, January 9, 2012

The LBD is okay.

I've calmed down now, thankfully. Walking Friday arvo the LBD and I walked into two loose husky-ish looking dogs, one large and the other huge, the largest of which decided to have a go at one comparatively tiny Border Collie.

Thankfully bravery is not the LBD's strength. He went all floppy and submissive and didn't get savaged too badly, although he was squealing the whole time as if he was being torn to shreds.

I had nothing to protect him with and knew that you just don't break up dog fights. You just don't. Yelling didn't seem to make any impact what-so-ever. Thankfully worried owner arrived to drag them off home just as giant dog let go and the LBD ran behind me for protection. It was good not to have to deal with round 2; or potential 2 on 1 action.

We were both a tad shaken to say the least. Having got him home and inspected as much of him as I could see for all the fur there doesn't seem to be any skin broken at all, so it seems that giant dog was just out for world domination, not actual damage.

If I had had any sort of weapon handy I would have proved whether I have a violent streak or not. Surprisingly I think I do.

And the chance we want a repeat of that performance?


Emily Sue said...

Oh, poor little LBD. Glad he's okay.

(This post needed a warning for those of us who are scared of dogs...)

Givinya De Elba said...

I am glad both you and LBD are okay. I was sooo distracted when we were messaging about this the other day but did think of you and the LBD since then, hoping you were (emotionally) healing!

Swift Jan said...

Oh that's very scary!! So glad you are both ok!