Friday, January 27, 2012

And I'm like, "what the?"...

Went down to grab some groceries and go to the bank.

Not necessarily in that order, because I needed the money to be able to get the groceries (and don't ask why I don't simply get cash out at the supermarket, because I have the uncanny ability to pick the checkout that has insufficient cash to be able to oblige me and therefore have to go to the bank anyway).

And the day had got away from me a bit, but it was, in my mind, just after lunch.

And I came out from the shop (into the rain - about which I shall not complain at all - we need it) and loaded everything into the car, and took my trolley back, and then jumped into the car only to find that there was a traffic jam getting onto the road.

There was a traffic jam getting onto the road, because the intersection just up a bit was in a traffic jam.

And that intersection was in a traffic jam because traffic heading into town was at a standstill.

And I sat in my little white car shaking my head and telling myself that I live in a country town and we just don't get traffic jams and hoping that there hadn't been an accident.

And then I looked at the clock. 3.20pm. And I was just up from the local High School.

Of course, because I never go near town between 3 and 3.30pm (particularly on a rainy day), I can remain in my steadfast belief that we don't have traffic jams in country towns.

Oh for the sleepy, dozy school holidays to be with us once again! When I can go where I like when I like without chaotic school traffic.

And the chance that I'm the centre of the universe?

Unfortunate, really.


Emily Sue said...

Having seen your small country town, I question your definition of "chaotic school traffic"... ;)

Crazy Sister said...

School traffic is getting to me, too. It's all those Prep parents, new to the school, and parking and taking their tiny new schoolkid in and hanging around to settle them in, then coming to pick them up in the afternoon three quarters of an hour before the final bell.

But it'll all be ok, half those kids will be on the bus by the end of the year, and nobody will be parking in "my spot" anymore.

Swift Jan said...

There is a round about on my way to pick Miss L up from her family daycare house that has 4 differents lots of school traffic trying to get through. It's horrific. There's our school, Ipswich Girls grammar, St Mary's and St Edmunds....nuts!