Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And it would mean that I don't need to buy stamps this year, except that it doesn't...

I've been working on cleaning up my study/office.

Not just cleaning up, but CLEANING UP.

Sorting through lots of pieces of paper that are no longer required and I don't need to look at again...

...and some that I possibly want to look at again from my current perspective, but realising that that is just the thought that lead me to keep the pieces of paper that I don't need to look at again, I've resolutely thrown these out too.

And in this process I've found lots of things that hadn't got into their homes. An envelope with $12 cash in it. And two separate stashes of postage stamps: Nine 50 cent fauna of the Rainforest stamps and twenty-six 45 cent Christmas stamps.

... And 20 sen from the Bank Negara Malaysia, which possibly doesn't add much to my stash, but nevertheless I found it.

So I wouldn't need to buy stamps this year, except that the cost of postage has gone up.

But still, I resent finding nearly thirty dollars worth of cash and stamps how much?

It's the only time I've ever known housework to pay. (Apart from the occasional coin in the bottom of the washing machine)

Maybe I can post Emily Sue's books back to her now.


Swift Jan said...

Did you accidently forget to write your blog post? LOL

Hippomanic Jen said...

Yep. Hit "Enter" instead of "Tab" to get from the title to the body of the post. Don't you hate that?

Emily Sue said...

No hurry on the books. :)

But when you do send them (and... no hurry...) please email me to let me know, because otherwise I'll get a parcel and get terribly excited thinking someone loves me and has sent me a GIFT, only to find out it's a parcel of books I already own. Man, that's such a let down.

Swift Jan said...

LOL I have done that before too hehe

I love finding forgotten money when cleaning up! I found a $10 note under my back stairs once!!

Go to the post office and get a stash of 5c stamps to top up the stamps for this year :) Surely you have a jar of useless 5c pieces? I know I do LOL

Crazy Sister said...

Hate trawling through old paperwork-type stuff. Today my sister asked me whatever happened to the apology letter the police made my phone pervert write to me. I had to admit that I think I threw it out during an office clean out.

Well, you can't keep stuff forever.