Saturday, August 13, 2011

An exercise in futility; signage rethink required; and you can't teach old dogs...

I finally got around to folding and putting away some clothes this morning.

The basket was empty until 4pm when I got in two loads of washing.

I drove out to our water supply dam at lunch time because I was going to a child's birthday party in one of the parks (I hadn't asked which one, so had to check them all). At one section of the recreation reserve as I carefully navigated the honeycomb of potholes that is the dirt access road I was amused to see a sign announcing that there was a speed bump ahead.

Thanks for the warning, guys, but not really necessary.

This afternoon my Beloved put a dog door in the sliding security door of our garage.

The LBD will use it...

...if we push it open it for him.


Emily Sue said...

The LBD will probably learn to use the door if you put some yummy food on the other side of it to train him.

Or he'll just keep training you to open it. Either way, someone will be trained. :)

Crazy Sister said...

Ha ha! Yeah, dogs usually figure out their new doggy doors only when there's something they REALLY want on the other side!

Givinya De Elba said...

"Either way, someone will be trained" ... Ha ha!! Love it.