Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pardon me, my mistake...

You see, I thought it was amusing.

Inspired by the sight of our newly laid-aside television tucked into a space in a spare bedroom while the newly dead microwave sits on top of the bar freezer in the kitchen, I began to reflect on what would happen if all the appliances we had ever owned still lived with us, despite their not-entirely-working-properly status.

I went on to actually write it after I noticed that we do still have a computer monitor and my Beloved's Dad's very-nearly-dead television floating around in the garage. Both of which we have moved twice and paid for shed storage for (among lots of other stuff) while we built our house, and have somehow missed elimination during junk-tossing sessions.

But it's reassuring to know that the spirit of YouTube commenters exist in the most balanced and reasonable of my internet visitors.

But at least here there has been how much profanity or name-calling?


Emily Sue said...

I thought it was funny too. I'm sorry if my comments offended. That wasn't my intention (in fact the second one was meant to be funny, but I seem to have missed the mark there).

Hippomanic Jen said...

Not so much offended as perplexed.

"Jen goes off into the corner and sadly thinks, 'well, I thought it was hilarious'. Obviously not."

Crazy Sister said...

Of course it was hilarious!

How's your new TV? Does it get a bajillion digital channels, and are you watching more tv than ever before?

Hippomanic Jen said...

TV does get a bajillion digital channels. When the weather is right.

I hate watching snowy pictures with buzzy sound and had always thought I would prefer to get nothing at all, rather than snowy/buzzy.

I was wrong.

Sandra said...

And maybe now you'll be able to get a channel called TLC that boast a cornucopia of cake making programs! I swear you could spend hours watching people decorate cakes, it's fantastic!
I'm going to have to go read that post now, I'm curious what exactly you said!