Friday, October 8, 2010

You see, there's this assignment...


I've been very quiet.

Hardly had the computer on, in fact.

Pretty desperately trying to get the reading done on my final major research assignment that is due next Friday. A week. And I'm still reading. *Sigh*

That's in addition to the fact that tomorrow's the church Spring Fair.

And the fact that the LBD must be walked or he won't get his leg back working properly. Tried a swimming session today, but it was cold, misting rain and frigid breeze. I wasn't happy being up to my knees in the water, and the LBD had more sense than to try swimming.

So how much time am I spending on line until next Friday?


Givinya De Elba said...

I understand. See you then. I will miss my Jen like crazy, but you go and get it all done, and I'll be here for chats about meaningless nonsense after that! If you're up for my drivel, that is.

Aleta said...

Thanks for posting when you had a moment. :) Good luck on the research assignment!!