Saturday, June 5, 2010


(Noun) The name of the feeling that overtakes drivers when the government hasn't ensured timely construction of road infrastructure.

Okay, so I made that up. My inspiration came from a board in a coffee shop. All coffee shops should employ at least one staff member who passed senior English. Or can read English. Or has had some exposure to English at some point during his/her life.

That said, I will give them credit where it's due. There were no grocer's apostrophes. None. Well done, coffee shop chalk board writer!

Now to find a dictionary to help them with the half-dozen other mistakes.

We had the meeting of the Axe Wielding Murderers Inc. on Thursday and it was great. Emily Sue then came here for two nights and then this afternoon headed back to Givinya's for a few nights until she leaves Queensland.

It's good to know that all cyber space people are not either figments of my imagination, or psychotic. And now she knows that Queensland is not just a fictional place where all the characters from southern soapies go when they leave the show. Win-win really.

And the chance that, having just been a bit catty about the standard of English at one particular coffee shop, there are no errors in my text?

... Approximately None!

Emily Sue - put down the red pen!


Crazy Sister said...

I got a giggle from the sign, but I try to remember that the sign writer probably struggled through English at school and was trying his or her absolute best.

Ha ha, infrustructure! I think that would be public buildings with difficult to find toilets.

Swift Jan said...

Loved getting together with you all :D

Emily Sue said...

Crazy Sister is more generous than me. I wanted to slap them for the mistakes. I blame the internet. It's evil. Oh.. wait...

Chalkboard mistakes aside, it was a fabulous day. This has been a GREAT holiday!

Givinya De Elba said...

I loved it! Thanks for coming and having lunch with us all!