Saturday, June 12, 2010

Better than The West Wing

I've said before that when I'm trying to get fit I've been putting on an episode of The West Wing and then doing my stretches and rowing.

A 41 minute episode allows for stretching, 30 mins of rowing (even with occasional breathers) and then either a sit for a couple of minutes or warm-down stretches. It helps me to keep going when I'm really not enthused by the prospect of exercise.

I'm not a huge fan of exercise, but without it I become simply huge, so I perservere. And The West Wing helps with the mind-numbing process, because it gives my brain something to think about, other than the fact I'm tired, puffed and want to stop now.

Yesterday I decided to use the time to pray instead. And it worked! There's something about rhythmic breathing that helps me keep focussed on prayer, and the prayer keeps me calm about doing the exercise. I can work out why I've not thought about this before, except that I'm not usually that awake of a morning, so I can't think. Yesterday was my day off, so I was rowing later than usual, which means that my brain had a chance to get into gear.

I'll have to see if it works on a normal day (particularly in winter when the sun doesn't get up till 6.50am).

The chance that I can think of a witty way to segue into my tagline from here?

... Approximately None.


Crazy Sister said...

Does the rowing help you get in touch with your inner 'Fishers of men' attributes?

Hippomanic Jen said...

LOL @ crazy sister. I shall have to try a meditation on some of those passages while rowing.

... Now how can I recreate a storm...

Emily Sue said...

Try balancing the rowing machine on some uneven blocks of wood. That should get the storm effect happening.

Wendy said...

That's great Jen! I go to a well-known women's gym and I used to pray as I did the circuit. I've found this harder since they added a system where you have to work hard enough to get "green" on a little screen - I guess its been good for my body, but not so good for my soul!

Swift Jan said...

Praying is a great idea! Many moons ago when I was getting fit and healthy I used to do that. Really made the time pass quickly and it felt great!!!
My trouble now is that when I do get to go for a walk I have children in toe which makes praying hard coz I am too busy making sure they don't get hit by a bus!

Hippomanic Jen said...

LOL @ Emily Sue. I shall have to try that, the only thing is that I don't actually want to kill myself falling off a rowing machine. Can you imagine explaining it to the paramedics?

Wendy - I just knew that it couldn't be a new idea. It was too good. I'm working on the principle that ANY exercise has got to be good for me, no matter how hard I'm working.

Swift Jan - I think God understands the need to make sure your little ones don't end up under a bus. One day they'll be a bit older and you can pray and walk once more. At least you know that it's possible, and that you enjoyed it!