Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not doing the housework could actually prove fatal...

Further to some of the comments regarding cleaning being over-rated from yesterday's post...

On Monday afternoon I went and got some groceries. This was pretty essential, and we now have things to eat.

(That wasn't what I was talking about with the fatal thing. I could certainly go for some days without perishing from lack of food. My Beloved does not have as much stored up for later, but even he'd last a little while.)

When I brought the groceries in, I dumped them on the kitchen floor so that I could sort them and put them away.

(Putting them away was a really good idea. It doesn't always get done, and then I find dead fruit a week later. Putting things away may not stop fatalities, but it does mean that I don't have to throw away food)

I discovered that there was some form of liquid on the floor under some of the packets, then was amazed that I hadn't smelt it before. So I dug out the bottle of ironing spray that had a loose top, regretting not getting the environmentally insensitive pressurised bottle.

(And being very glad that I hadn't remembered my cloth shopping bags, so I'd said 'yes' to plastic and the back of the car wasn't awash and pongy. I'm wonderfully consistent in my efforts to save the world.)

I cleaned up the spilt liquid with paper towel and went on my merry way. I did think I probably should wash the floor properly, but who has time to do that?

Let's jump to an entirely different topic for a bit.

(Humour me, okay)

My Beloved works in the glass windows, security screens, awnings and blinds business. This means that he picks up lots of scratchy stuff in his work boots. We have polished timber floors. So, being an absolute sweetie, he always takes off his boots before he comes upstairs.

This means that he walks around inside with his socks on much of the time.

(You can see how these stories are going to intersect, can't you?)

I was serving dinner last night when my Beloved came into the kitchen to get glasses for our drinks.

The patch which I had mopped up, but not washed properly, is right at the corner where someone entering the kitchen has to pivot and change direction to get to the cupboard where the glasses are.

The chance that he actually killed himself?

... Approximately None, but it was a pretty spectacular (and successful) attempt at regaining his balance. I reckon the only reason he didn't stack it was due to his wing span - you know how tight rope walkers have that balancing pole thing? I would have stacked it for sure.

By the way, it turns out that the ironing spray has a warning. "Aviod any accidental spraying on hard, smooth floors as they could become slippery" Whad'ya know! Total inundation seems to have the same effect.

And the liklihood I've washed the floor yet?

... "Sweetie, I'm just serving dinner, would you like to come and make drinks?"


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh no! A funny visual nonetheless. Sorry Beloved.

Crazy Sister said...

Hee hee - wing span! Poor guy.

Emily Sue said...

I laughed a lot - partly because you described it beautifully, and partly because I have had my own Near Death Experience from ironing spray. Lovely, shiny cork floor in my kitchen many years ago plus a habit of ironing in the same spot each morning PLUS my natural klutziness = Potential For Great Disaster and/or Slapstick.

Anonymous said...

How to live life dangerously, you and him. Solution is don't walk around in socks.

BUSH BABE said...

Oh LORD I have done that... ironing spray is DEADLY. And I have gone polished floor board skating myself on occasion! Such a funny description Jen (sorry Jen's hubby!).