Friday, February 12, 2010

Dating Evidence

Last year I did some posts which had pictures my Grandma sent to me when I was a good deal littler than I am now. There are plenty more to come, it's just that I needed to scan and crop a new batch and I haven't had time. But it's my day off today, so I decided that I should use some of it to add to my collection.

After this week's post about Chair Grandma, you would know that it was Cuckoo Grandma who sent me these picture letters.

You would also know that she was not mentally unbalanced. She just had a Cuckoo Clock. Mind you, in my opinion people who have noisy, chiming clocks of any description have got to be either good sleepers or a little bit nuts.

Sometimes when things were busy, or when there was other interesting stuff that she could send, she wouldn't have to draw at all:

In my last post I was attempting to date the letters. This one has a newspaper clipping with the date on it! We're in May 1976, people! I was 2 years old and my little brother was 2 1/2 months (which explains why he wasn't getting letters yet).

And the chance that I'm not enjoying having to find inspiration for a post today?

... Approximately None!


Crazy Sister said...

I love old newspapers. I have a page from a really old one, in the 1910s I think, where it has one of those police report columns. People were being charged for crimes like swearing, and colluding to divorce amicably!

Swift Jan said...

Crimes like swearing! WoW

Thats a fantastic news clipping!! Its so cool that you still have these things :)

Givinya De Elba said...

How exciting to find them - they look like a great read!

Funny how we love reading TODAY'S newspaper and then in 24 hours it becomes old news and not worth reading. Then once it's years old, it becomes interesting again.

BUSH BABE said...

As an ex-news hound - I LOVE this!!! And I also wanted to alert you to some terrible plagerism Jen... mine. Of you. At my place. (Hope it's OK!)

Jayne said...

Love old letters and newspaper clippings, great to step back momentarily to 'hear' voices from the past ;)