Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One small step for Jen...

On Saturday my Beloved installed sliding wardrobe doors on the built-in cupboard in our bedroom. His company makes them, so they were at a good price, too.

They are brushed chrome surrounds and the mirror doors make the room look bigger and brighter.

It also gave us incentive to reduce the furniture in our bedroom, so my bookcase and dressing table are gone to another room, and we've combined our belongings into the shelves in the cupboard and Chris' lovely old timber dressing table (with bevelled mirror) that I'm standing next to in order to take this photo.

You can also see the curtains and patchwork quilt that my wonderful Mum made for us. The bedroom is now completed, save for pelmets over the curtains, the door needs to be painted, and carpet laid.

I haven't had access to a full-length mirror since we moved into our house just before Christmas 2007. It was very exciting to look forward to have some installed.

I may need to lose a little weight.

The chances that I'd admit to having been startled by movement in the bedroom when I got up Sunday morning, only to realise it was my own reflection?

... Approximately None.


Aleta said...

Ohh, I LOVE those mirrored sliding doors. I want those in my bedroom, but they are expensive. They look GREAT! And you're right, any time you add mirrors, it makes the room look bigger and brighter. Love the picture!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Aleta, I'm sure my Beloved could do you a great deal on some doors. Pity about the freight charges!

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

the mirrors look great! what a lovely bedroom.

I understand your needing to get used to the mirror. I haven't had a full length mirror for about 7 years now - and when I travel for work and my hotel room has one - they scare me! especially when they are directly opposite the shower - I mean who would want that?

Givinya De Elba said...

That looks great! Miss the mirror doors in my old place :(

Swift Jan said...

I had mirror doors when I lived at home with mum & dad. I miss them.

Yours look great!!

Femina said...

Mirrored doors are great but I suspect they are the reason I got in the habit of getting dressed in the bathroom after my shower and not in the bedroom... in those days I used to get up at 5.30am and leave for work at 6.20am and believe me there are some things that just can't be faced at that early hour! :D

Crazy Sister said...

They look beautiful!

WHOSE lovely old timber dressing table with bevelled mirrors did you say that was?

Crazy Sister said...

They look beautiful!

WHOSE lovely old timber dressing table with bevelled mirrors did you say that was?