Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Official Teeth Day

So I'm off having my wisdom teeth removed - I thought I'd schedule a post for you all - more of Grandma's letters.

I'm going to ask Mum to comment below when she knows anything. Unless she's decided to stay in Toowoomba overnight, in which case I guess she won't.

This is Aunty Judy going off to College.

She steps over the front fence of the Church.

She has her music in the bag.

The chance that you can't guess what my Aunt has been doing for a career for the last hmmmpf mumble years?

... Approximately None (particularly all the family).


Givinya De Elba said...

Thinking of you yesterday and today Jen. Just about to head off to Allora - will text you on the way and see if you've got your mobile on you.

Swift Jan said...

I hope it all went well & that your recovery is much much better than Dan's xoxoxo

Aleta said...

Sending positive thoughts your way that you are OK. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Report. Sorry the computer was turned off last night. The op went as expected which is good and she was ok last night but unable to wake up to speak. I have just rung again and she had a good night for someone who had 4 teeth out and they can't see any reason she wont be discharged. So all is good as can be. I am sure she will report herself sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your teeth, hope the tooth fairy brings you much gold :)

(and what a great mum posting an update!) Thanks mum!

Bush Babe said...

Did I ever share my advice about post op care? My nanna made me coffee milkshakes and let me watch the Brisbane Commonwealth Games on her enormous box telly... perhaps its on DVD somewhere? Worked a treat for me!