Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Need a Mum... or Maybe Not

Of course, I already have a perfectly good Mum.

The problem is I need someone to come here and pick up after me, and my Mum wouldn't do that.

Or, well, she probably would if I was sick or dying, but when I'm in full health and just can't be bothered she probably wouldn't.

Actually, she certainly wouldn't.

...And even if she did it would come with a lecture and I could do without that.

But I really don't think she would do it, lecture or not.

So, maybe I need a maid.

But a maid would need to be paid, and I'm not certain the buget can stretch to that.

And I'd need to clean up first in order for him/her to clean, so it would be fairly pointless so far as labour-saving.

So I'm back to needing a Mum.

... Or to find some time today to make the house look a little less like I took a Girls' Brigade Parade Church Service on Sunday and made lots of props therefore have the remains of half a dozen crafty-type projects scattered about the house (plus the fact that the regular house cleaning didn't get done) and I have had lots of meetings since and don't want to start the huge effort of house cleaning.

Hopefully I will have some time today.

How much energy and enthusiasm do I have for this project?

... You guessed it!


Jodie said...

I also need a maid. My house is at Defcon 1 - my alert level for let- no-one-in. When it reaches this level, I tend to give up...and surf the web. Oddly, I don't mind cleaning for other people.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Maybe we should do a labour-swap. I'll clean your house and you can clean mine!?!

Jodie said...

It's a plan!

Anonymous said...

Since when did Mum pick up after you at any time? Maybe you can come and do my house. I claim drug propulsion.