Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where's Wally?

Two words to answer where I've been.

The Flu.

I'm now getting closer to caring about the rest of the world - particularly as the trip to the doctor ruled out measles and other nasties and possibly has found a cure (or at least a starting point) for the dreaded 'itchy spots' I've been putting up with on and off since '99. We'll see.

The number of types of food I'd like to be allergic to if it isn't an environmental allergy?

...Approximately None

(But hey, it's got to be better than a fungal/tinea/roundworm answer - surely)


Crazy Sister said...

Mystery spots? I'm not even going to mention bed bugs. Oh, oops.

Swift Jan said...

SOrry to hear you have been sick... glad you are on the mend, & I hope you dont have any annoying allergies!