Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Washing Day Bra - R.I.P.

I mentioned this poor garment a few weeks ago. While I was away I actually got around to washing it - and who puts their Oldest Foundational Garment Available into a laundry bag? It's not like the poor old thing is going to be stretched or damaged by being washed!

Ask not how the bra can be damaged, but how the bra can cause damage.

Like one of Givinya's commenters, one of the smiley wires came out. Similarly, it made a break to get caught in the innards of the machine, trying to work its way through a hole in the washing drum. Unlike that same commenter the end only started to work it's way through, and became wedged. No damage to machine (thankfully, because it was Nan's almost brand new frontloading one). Wire almost unscathed.

Likelihood of me remembering to keep the evidence for photographic blogging purposes?

... Approximately None.


Swift Jan said...

whoops!!! lol

Crazy Sister said...

My underwires often come out. I was actually famous in highschool for pulling one out of my shirt during maths.