Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Known Fact About Me

No. It's not a meme. I came up with this idea all on my own.

You see, I have a desk allergy.

Last Thursday with the advent of my new computer I decided that I should clean my office. Good call. I've been sneezing heaps and a little dust reduction is a really good idea.

But I had forgotten that when I used to work in local government, finally getting my desk clean was inevitably the trigger for getting a really bad cold. As if under all the paper and dust there was a perfect breeding ground for nasty bugs that would rise up and get me as soon as they were released from the mess.

So last night as I was enduring a huge alllergy attack I remembered that a clean desk is not always a good thing for me.

However, what's the chance that it will be a problem again for a very long time?


Crazy Sister said...

I remember opening a drawer in my grandparents' messy desk once and a moth flew out and spiralled away, up to the ceiling.

I was so surprised. It was such a cliche - something you'd see on a cartoon! Open a messy drawer and a moth flies out.

Obviously, there are worse things than moths, like your flu-desk syndrome.

BUSH BABE said...

Oh - this is me too!!!!
Allergies to dust mite are not good when one doesn't like to dust. *sigh*

Maisie Hood said...

I hear you. It’s a pain in the neck to be working with dust mites around the office. Actually, it’s not the dust that causes the allergens; it is the mite's waste material that makes us sneeze. Try to wipe your desk with cloth dipped in hot water and dust it off from time to time. These days, most buildings have central vacuum system to help eliminate those solid and liquid particles from work places. I hope your dust mite allergy will not be a recurrent one.
Maisie Hood