Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So where's my buffet breakfast?

Glad to be home and to have been in my own bed last night. Slept for 10 hours before needing to get up, and then I had the luxury of dozing for a few more hours.

But I was very confused to finally get up and shower and head into the dining room to have breakfast and find that there was no-one to make my roti cani, cook me pancakes or do my eggs just the way I like them.

Similarly, there was no choice of fruit sliced and ready; nor cooked noodles and beef curry; no hash browns or bacon or baked beans; no juice, or choice of cereals.

What sort of hotel is this?

Sadly, there is no-one to vacuum or clean the bathroom or make the bed. No porter to carry my groceries into the house. No laundry just around the corner who will bring me back clean and dry clothes (and even iron them if need be!).

The chance that I could afford to pay all these people?

... sadly, approximately none! *big sigh*


Emily Sue said...

Yep, re-entry is a b*tch.

But yay! You're back! The internet hasn't been the same without you. :D

Givinya De Elba said...

Darn. I was hoping those things would all be done for you, and then you could send the hired help around to my place.

And can I just say - 10 HOURS?!? Wowsers.

As I crawled back into bed last night after the second waking, I mused that with fallings-out-of-bed and the occasional bad dream and the rare but painful early risings and the ongoing I-can't-get-back-to-sleep-without-drinking-Mum's-milk fiascos, I never get more than 4 straight hours.

Perhaps I shouldn't be driving.