Sunday, April 4, 2010

The $2 Post

Well, I haven't had time to post because I've had heaps of Easter Services to organise, and we're heading on our family jaunt at 00.50 tomorrow morning.

However, we're now sitting at gate 79 and there is an internet kiosk just next door, so I borrowed $2 in change from my perfect sister-in-law and am madly typing for the 20 minutes that I can spend here before the clock runs out.

It is amazing how a busy life can suddenly clear up when you're work is finished (with the second service this morning), you've packed, and you're in the car, so you can't finish all the heaps of housework that has been building up for a month or so while I've been crazy-busy because I am not at home to do it!

Our new minister has arrived in town, and by the time I get back, he'll be in full swing (great timing, hey?) - which means I can get back to closer to quarter time and maybe vacuum from time to time.

I'm hoping we've remembered everything, because it's terribly distracting to be finishing puppet costumes for the Easter puppet play (which went down really well) and making certain that the huge whoppin' cross fits in my Beloved's trailer for transport to the little town just down the road.

The dramatic entrance worked. The singing worked. The streamers were duly waved by all but the most staid of our congregants. We welcomed the visitors and talked with them. I got home, finished packing, ate the last of the eggs in the fridge for lunch, packed up the LBD to go to my Nan's for his holiday, put our ports in Mum and Dad's car and headed down here. We met up with Giggles, and her parents and now have a couple of hours to kill. It's so strange to have hours to kill. All I forgot was to take the last of the milk to Nan. It will possibly be off by the time we get back.

And how much time do I have left at this computer?

... approximately none!


Emily Sue said...

Two dollars well spent! I hope you have a fantastic time.

And I love that you called your bags 'ports'. Made me think of my late grandmother...

Givinya De Elba said...

Have a WONDERFUL time! Ooooh! Exciting!

Anonymous said...

Checking in for holiday news. You must be having WAY too much fun! xx

Crazy Sister said...

I'd like to see a picture of that huge whopping cross.