Monday, March 22, 2010

A Letter From Grandma

Another busy couple of weeks shaping up this end. I'm involved in Easter Services and then our family are going to Malaysia for our much-anticipated holiday. We fly out on Easter Monday, but why I'd say Easter Monday when the plane leaves at 0:50hrs, and we need to be at the airport two hours before, I don't know. Sounds terribly like we're leaving Easter Sunday to me...

Madly trying to get stuff ready to go, and get all the bits together for special Good Friday and Easter Sunday services, so please find attached letter from Grandma.

This is my fish. The big one is a comet and the little one a guppy.

The chance that my Grandma was as fish-i-cidal as me?

... Approximately None!

1 comment:

Crazy Sister said...

LBD is going to miss you! Good luck with all the packing.